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Hello Friends!  This is all about our friends, old and new.  We always love to hear from everyone!

Please email your news and pictures to info@rossglen.com, or mail them to us at Griggs, and we'd be pleased to add them.

Roveray: On December 2nd 1996 my partner arrived home with an early christmas gift. In the box was a little long haired miniature dachshund puppy called Rossglen Roveray. I had always wanted a dog and knew that my first dog would be called Jiggy. And so he was. We have had the absolute joy of his company for almost eleven years now. He just celebrated his birthday on October 2nd. He is in great health and we have not had any major health scares besides a few teeth extractions! He walks in the shadow of Windsor castle every day as we live across the road from the long walk. There have been a couple of occasions when he has been spotted by the queen as she drives through the park.  "Oh look, a Daschund" we believe she said to Philip as she pointed towards Jiggy. He knows a couple of dorgis which were bred by the  queen. He's had many adventures over the years with many holidays, hanging  out with stars on movie sets and taking small roles in two movies that we worked on. In one he played a German! He is such a good natured, loving dog and is adored by all who are lucky enough to meet him. DB, Windsor, UK

Rossglen Rovere (Meer): We had our Meer from you (Rossglen Rovere)  and had Poppy mated with Rossglen Holbein.  Meer (Rossglen Rovere ) and Botham ( Holbein's and our Poppy's son ) have had two lots of puppies,  4 pups in December 07, 2 girls black and tan and 2 boys black and brindle, and then two more girls in June this year (2008) both black and brindle. Poppy's boy Botham is a lovely dog and always willing to have a good play.  All three of them love walks along the sea front or in the woods.  I am hoping that next year we might have Poppy put with your dog Piers, as last time it was Holbein, as I am still after a red.  B and P S-D, Norfolk, UK

Rembrandt:  Hi: you are the lovely lady who years ago had a beautiful male named Rembrandt who I bred my female with.  My husband and I were stationed in the US Air Force in England. I just wanted to thank you.  Shotsy had four beautiful pups.  I never forgot how nice you were to me.  Rembrandt was an exquisite dog.  The puppies did him proud.  FB, Georgia, USA

Rossglen Rosado Del Valle Born 20/09/2000. Sire.  Rossglen Roussof  Black and Tan.  Dam Rossglen Ruby Reinbow
Chippy is a really super dog, superb personality, has an excellent temperament and brings the whole family great joy. Please let me know how you are, thanks

Danny is a most beautiful dog, and most intelligent and we love him dearly.  He has grown into such a lovely boy. My son took this picture on Easter Sunday (2008) when we had all the snow. FH, Finchingfield, UK

Evi We thought you would like to see how beautiful Evi is now! Evi is such a joy as she is always just behind me when I am working in the garden or on walks. She is very obedient but sometimes obstinate like all the dachshunds I have had! She loves her teddy bear and carries it around like a pillow. My daughter met one of your dachshunds called Tilly in Hyde Park the other day; she said she looked just like Evi. A A-S, Towcester

Hamish Thought you might like to see that I am a big boy now! Wags and licks. H, Peebles

Rossglen Riecke otherwise known as Patterson was born 19 December 1995 and eventually moved with us to New Zealand. He was quite the bravest and most entertaining of our dachshunds and although Mrs Dutson said he was good enough to show, he just enjoyed fun at home. Here he is after a particularly enjoyable romp, including the river, at our previous home in Suffolk. Even at Age 11, we were likely to call him the Pup because of his amazing energy. Robyn & Guy, New Zealand

Thomas A photo from a rare summer day 2008.  Sire Rossglen Rondi, Dam Rossglen Raschf. Mr and Mrs C.

Rossglen Reichel    "Rufus" -  born 2nd February 1993 to parents Rossglen Roussof and Rossglen Reana;  Rufus was a birthday present from my parents.  The cutest little bundle of fluff was all paws and ears when we collected him, but he soon turned into the handsome young man you see in the photos.  Rufus provided us with years of good company and fun and we miss him dearly since losing him almost 4 years ago now. I have included one of my favourite snaps when he was just a puppy playing in the garden with an empty kitchen roll tube and it got stuck on his nose.. bless him x x, L.A., UK.  2009

Hogie and Holby's sisters  The girls continue to be the loves of our lives. They are starting to look like the middle aged ladies that they are now, but still act like puppies! R and J F, Wisbech, UK

Totonian Toscanini  Holbein and Clemmie's son: 11 weeks old, Feb 2009.  CW, UK

Michael  Holbein's son, with Sienna and Pagan.  ES, UK

Blossom and sister: settled happily into their farmhouse in Gozo, Malta in June 2011.  They have already tried the pool!

Rossglen Roveray

Roveray does Windsor castle!

Rovere in Norfolk

Meer's babies

Meer's babies

Follow me boys!

Meer's puppy Angel

Rossglen Rosado



Evi plays statues


Hamish has a party






Sire Rossglen Rondi. Dam Rossglen Raschf



hogie + holby's sisters

xmas 2008


xmas 2008


11 weeks old.

Blossom and sister

Happily moved to Gozo, Malta in June 2011